Luk vankessel & split - voel eens annelieze

Profile of the performer Luk Vankessel : Interesting Flemish singer (real name Luc Guillaume) of the late seventies and early eighties.

Started out with two/thirds of the trio [r4145810] after [a457641] had left that band.

Later on went to form a band called Split with [a212199] and [a380837].

At the end of the seventies he went solo and scored a few radio hits like "Mia" and "Hotel Paradiso". He recorded two albums.

Albums :
- Ballen! (EMI, 1979)
- Billen! (EMI, 1981)
Singles :
- Mia / Koek en ei (Omega, 1979)
- De drilboorrock / Daarom heb ik de blues (Omega, 1978)
- Eenzaamheid / Niet in een kooi (EMI Bestseller, 1980)
- Hotel Paradiso (EMI, 1981)
- Leugens (Sky, 1983)
- Mia (Sky, 1983)
- Kerstmis in space (Sky, 1983)